The SaleCore Real Estate CRM for Agents and Teams captures and incubates leads, tracks client interactions and helps turn prospects into deals

Revenue Generating Real Estate CRM

Better understand your prospective clients and turn relationships into deals. Import and manage contacts, market listings by email and social media, track marketing results, optimize your online reputation, follow up with leads and more - on any device.

Turn leads and your existing contacts into repeat business

SaleCORE is a way for the real estate industry to manage client data, track interactions and automate work flow. This increases efficiency and organization and enables buying and selling agents more time to do what they love, sell real estate.

Included in your CRM is your contact management, MLS integration, email marketing capabilities, web lead management, website management and a success development manager you can call to get the most out of your software.


Keep your finger on the pulse of your customers

Customer aquisition can be a difficult and expensive endeavor, which makes turning those new customers into repeat business that much more important! Our CRM gives you the tools to stay engaged.

Single Login

Our CRM is fully-integrated with your website, marketing tools, calendar, contacts and more. Login once to have all tools at your fingertips.

Lead Management

Facilitate a powerful connection with your potential clientele, providing timely communication, relevant information and essential expertise.

Dynamic Lead Routing

Route leads coming from your website or other third-party sources, identifying client needs and applying the right sales strategy.

MLS Data Integration

SaleCORE aggregates MLS Data in real-time, feeds it directly to the CRM, updates listings on your website and sends auto-listing notifications automatically.

Website Management

You control your website using our Content Management System (CMS), fully-integrated with data-driven tools to fuel the success of your online presence.

Market Update

Provide your clients with compelling up-to-date market statistics, tailored to their desired areas, driven by active and sold MLS listing data.

Import Contacts

Hit the ground running by importing your contacts, adding new contacts, and managing their experience with our powerful tracking tools.


Use the CRM to keep your tasks and appointments up front and center, helping you stay organized, productive and efficient.

Activity Dashboard

Track the activity of your clients, see new leads in real time, manage tasks, and keep your finger on the pulse of your business!

Contact Manager

Manage all of your contacts in SaleCORE CRM and stay engaged with your clients and referrals using our powerful marketing tools.

Learn about more these other dynamic SaleCore features

Every tool in SaleCore seamlessly integrates with one another to create a powerful sales engine - one where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

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