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According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), over 60% of home buyers prefer their agent send property information by text message. Yet, only 5% of all REALTORS®. Gain a major competitive advantage and use SaleCore's Text Marketing services to win deals.

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Why should you use text marketing? Because your clients prefer it.

It's crucial to follow up with real estate leads as quickly as possible. Text message marketing gives you an invaluable way to connect with prospective buyers and sellers quickly and effectively, while gaining a major competitive advantage.


Texts get read

Text messages have over a 90% read rate within 5 minutes of receiving message.


Clients prefer texts

Over 85% of consumers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email.


High response rate

Real Estate text messages acheive a 45% response rate, far greater than email (less than 3%).


Competitive Edge

Only 5% of Agents communicate with clients by text. Gain a major competitive edge now!


SaleCore makes text marketing simple with Conversations & Broadcast.

SaleCore Conversations and Broadcast are text marketing solutions fully-integrated into our CRM. Quickly start and continue one-on-one Conversations or easily Broadcast your message to your entire contact list at the same time.


It's crucial to follow up with real estate leads as quickly as possible. Conversations gives you an invaluable and preferred channel to connect with prospective buyers and sellers quickly and reliably.

  • Send texts directly from SaleCore on your desktop, laptop or mobile device and easily manage communications
  • Organize your text and email conversations and schedule messages for timely and effective communcation
  • Follow-up with clients to verify they received important emails or voice mail messages
  • Discuss availability and make appointments with your prospects
  • Send new listings that match what your clients are looking for in way they prefer - texting!


Mass text messaging is a communication strategy that allows you to send SMS messages to large groups of people at the same time. Broadcast makes mass text messaging simple, personal, and effective.

  • Create templates to quickly compose messages to reach targeted groups on your contact list
  • Enable clients to reply privately. The inbound texts flow into an inbox where you can manage each conversation separately
  • Allow your clients to opt-out so you abide by mass marketing laws
  • Advertise Open Houses to targeted groups via text and increase attendance rates
  • Increase your mass marketing read and response rates by more that ten times over email

Text directly from the SaleCore app on any device.

We know that your clients prefer receiving text messages over email and phone calls. Now you can communicate with your clients more effectively from your desktop, laptop or mobile device, and neatly organize those interactions.


Are you ready to start communicating more effectively with your clients?

Sign up now or request a free, no obligation demo of our powerful Text Marketing solutions, Conversations and Broadcast, by contacting us below.

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See how Text Marketing can improve your communication strategy!


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