Targeted automated marketing for Real Estate Agents and Teams turns prospective buyers and sellers into clients

Content Marketing Keeps Things Fresh

Keep your website content fresh and relevant to attract repeat visitors and enhance your search engine value. Choose from professionally written real estate articles or create your own! Our Content Marketing system essentially brings a Blog into your IDX Website!

Generate repeat business and referrals with timely messaging

SaleCore writes, and updates your website automatically with, beautiful articles that are timely and industry-relevant to brand you and your agents as real estate experts online. Matching email campaigns are designed to drive your contacts back to your website.

Fresh content keeps your contacts engaged and increases the likelihood of referrals and repeat business. Share each article on your social media channels for even more reach.

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Nurture leads, build relationships and keep your contacts engaged

SaleCore doesn't just attract first time buyers and sellers and help you close more deals. Our Content Marketing system also keeps those clients engaged long after the sale, generating referral and repeat business.

Fresh Content

SaleCore writes and updates your site with timely and compelling articles automatically.

Compelling Emails

Send your contacts engaging, industry-relevant messages and drive them back to your site.

Social Posts

Share each article on your social media channels for further reach and generate referrals.

Pre-built Articles

We provide you with monthly, fresh and relevant articles by professional content writers.

Custom Articles

Does your Marketing department already write content? SaleCore is a perfect tool for you.


Articles are automatically added to your website and auto marketing system in the CRM.

Organic SEO

Fresh and compelling content is a cornerstone of good organic search engine optimization.

Your Branding

Pre-built content is wrapped in your branding to further your reputation as a local expert.

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Every tool in SaleCore seamlessly integrates with one another to create a powerful sales engine - one where the whole is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

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