Modern IDX Real Estate Websites with Interactive Map Search will engage buyers and sellers

Automated Marketing for the Win

Targeted automated marketing turns prospective buyers and sellers into clients. Add your clients and let the SaleCORE engine automate your online marketing!

Deliver compelling and relevant marketing to your clients. Automatically.

Eighty five percent of people worldwide are using email. Digital marketing via email is still alive and well. Even with the rise of social marketing/media, email continues to lead the pack, driving twice as much traffic to websites and converting four times as many people into customers.

What better way to gain trust as well as a potential client than to offer free information or personal help based on their needs? You're the expert on staging houses, house pricing, home advertising and preparing a house to show. Share this with your contacts. Show your value.


Fully-integrated email marketing that delivers!

Create a drip or date-driven marketing campaign with compelling and relevant content, send it, and then use our powerful CRM to track the actions your targeted users take!

Import Contacts

Hit the ground running by importing and targeting your existing, loyal customers.

Your Branding

Reinforce your brand with custom colors and graphics, linked to your branded website.

Drip Campaigns

Stay in front of your potential clients by sending compelling content they are interested in.

Track Client Activity

Get visibility into when and how many times your clients view your messages.

Date-driven Emails

Send the right message to the right people at the right time for maximum impact.

Send New Listings

Event driven campaigns allow users to sign up for new listings that match their criteria.

Stock Messages

Use professional, pre-built campaigns to engage clients with proven compelling content.


Our e-mail marketing platform is fully-integrated with the CRM and your website.

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