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MetroList® is the largest Northern California Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that provides real estate professionals with detailed and accurate listing data, the most advanced technology, and first-in-class service to ensure their clients have the best information available when making decisions to sell or purchase real estate. is the public search portal that provides property listing details entered into the MLS system. is ad free to allow consumers to easily search the most up-to-date listings to help find their desired properties. Founded in 1985, MetroList serves more than 22,000 real estate agents throughout California Counties and has become among the most trusted source of real estate listing data and services in the state.

REsides Inc A Revolutionary New MLS Model

Creating Valuable Staying Power for MLSs The real estate industry was built on relationships. Simply put, people doing business with people. With the massive infusion of heavily-funded technologies to modernize the real estate industry and the push towards end-to-end self-service portals, this basic premise is being compromised. Brokers are now coping with new competitive pressures and the fate of their future. At REsides, we're changing that. As real estate visionaries and thought leaders, we are dedicated to putting the power back into the hands of brokers by creating valuable staying power for MLSs.
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